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L&A Aviation Technology

L & A Aviation Pty Ltd is an integrated drone service provider based in Brisbane, Australia, and one of the few service providers located in Australia that provides drone performances in Oceania. The main business scope includes drone light show performance, drone operation, programming course training, professional industry drone sales and service, and other drone-related business expansion.

CAS Smart Power Aviation Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd is a high-tech company established by the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Changsha Lingdong Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. It is the result of high-end technology industrialization by first-class scientific research institutions and enterprises.

L&A Aviation Light Show takes the sky as a show-ground, the city as the backdrop, and the creativity as the soul! We create remarkable performances of all types and sizes with up to 6,000 drones taking off at the same time.

Our team has 4 Genesis World Records:
•The Biggest Lightshow
•The Most Drones Flying
• The Longest Drones Animation
•The Most Drones Groups

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Cutting - edge Technological Innovation

Products need to be iterated over time to ensure a stable network connection; for example, a sophisticated speaker needs to be refined over and over again to match its design; for example, voice interaction needs to be well tuned, and the speakers themselves produce sound, when you wake up a smart speaker in the far field, you need to eliminate the sound from the speaker itself; even loud vibrations can affect the sound absorption, so the distance between the speaker and the microphone needs to be considered.

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Drop us a message!